Interactive and Standard Correlated Lessons from OnBoard Academics (Formerly Aegom Interactive)

OnBoard Academics provides SMART Notebook lessons for grade K-8 in three academic areas: ELA, Math, and Science. OnBoard was the first company to develop and publish (commercially) content for SMART interactive white boards.  They were also the first company to be awarded SMART’s Select and Elite status.

Cranbrook Schools purchased their entire suite of lessons because we found them to be a great resource for our faculty.  The lessons have very clear instructions for teachers and each lesson even contains ten SMART Response questions! The lessons are also tied to the Common Core Standards. The best part is that the interactivity is built right in! You can download six free lessons here: Check them out. I think you will be impressed.

See an example file of a particularly good lesson on human skin HERE

Read the Words

readthewordsRead the Words converts your text (word, pdf, html, websites, and more) into spoken words. Users of Read the Words can select from fifteen different voices and three languages in which to hear their text spoken. The conversion of text to spoken word is fast. A one page document that I tested was converted in less than a minute. Your readings (converted text) can be embedded into your blog or website using the widget provided by Read the Words. Learn more about Read the Words by watching this video:
Applications for Education
Read the Words has many potential uses for educators in many grade levels and content areas. Read the Words could be used by students learning English, French, or Spanish. Students can write in any of those three languages and then hear the result of their work.

QuietTube – Video without the distractions

Ever need to share a YouTube video, but were nervous about what links and related videos might pop up? The Quietube bookmarklet takes that video and displays it on a plain white background. Very neat and clean. Perfect for presentations and staff meetings.

How it works:

Install it here:

Cool Iris

cooliris-wall1Cooliris is a browser plug-in that revolutionizes how you find, view, and share photos and videos. Whether you’re browsing the Web or your desktop, Cooliris presents media on an infinite “3D wall” that lets you enjoy content without clicking page to page.

Cooliris works with Firefox, as well as Internet Exporer, Safari (Mac), and Google Chrome (Windows).

Got photos and videos?

With Cooliris, immerse yourself when visiting popular sites like Facebook, Google Images, Bing, YouTube, Flickr, and Picasa. Scan through hundreds of photos and videos in seconds. Navigate among albums, zoom in and out, view in full screen or slideshow mode, favorite, and share. You can even use Cooliris to find photos stored on your desktop.


ipadioMobile technology is playing an increasingly large role in the classroom – most students have a phone of their own, so why not use a device that they’re familiar with to engage them with education? Ipadio technology is perfect for enhancing and improving the learning process.

In brief, Ipadio enables the live broadcast of audio directly to the internet… all from a phone. There’s never been an easier way to record oral assessments, create revision podcasts or collect homework.

Check out Ipadio Classroom Integration Ideas here:


Wallwisher is an online notice board maker. You can
post stickies with text, images, links to websites and even videos. The notice-board is really simple to use and you can set access rights so that anyone can view and or post to it or only restricted people.

No registration required – click, write, post – that’s it!


Check out these two websites for some ways to use WallWisher in the classroom: